The goals set by the founder visionary was of serving the steel industry with the best of products. This vision will always remain in sight and the company will strive hard to keep up this vision.

Along with this vision the company has a vision of placing and giving the brand name of PAVI a global platform

Quality Products and Continuous Innovation - is the way forward.

The company wants to keep up its process of innovating ways of reducing energy cost to clients and being the one stop shop for the most reliable consumables and service provider for the steel and ferro alloy plants, which would enhance the life of their existing plants.
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High Conductivity Copper
Forged, Rolled, Extruded,Drawn or Cast

Stainless Steel
Heat Resistant, Non-Magnetic Ni-Cr Stainless Steel products Cast or Fabricated.

Hydraulic & Pneumatic
Rubber Seal, Cylinders, Repair Kits, Pressure Pipes & Fittings, Hoses, Valves, Pumps.

Insulation Materials
Asbestos, Mica, Hylam ,Fibre Glass, Red Fibre, Neoprene.

Electricals Furnace Duty Transformers, Vacuum & Oil Circuit Breakers, Thyristor Control System, Winch Motors & Drives,Switch Gear, Relays & Instrumentation, Specialised Cables.

Plant Consumables
Ramming Masses, Refractories and Additives, C.I- Ingot Moulds and Slag Pots, Lancing and Seamless Pipes.

Spares for Steel Plants

Blast Furnace, Electric Arc Melting and Induction Furnace, Ferro Alloy Units/Reduction Furnace, Rolling Mills and Forging Shops, Over Head Cranes and Handling Equipments. H.T/L.T.Substation.

Buying Selling Agents, Representation Work

Cost effective business development and representative services for our clients in India and abroad.