The goals set by the founder visionary was of serving the steel industry with the best of products. This vision will always remain in sight and the company will strive hard to keep up this vision.

Along with this vision the company has a vision of placing and giving the brand name of PAVI a global platform

Quality Products and Continuous Innovation - is the way forward.

The company wants to keep up its process of innovating ways of reducing energy cost to clients and being the one stop shop for the most reliable consumables and service provider for the steel and ferro alloy plants, which would enhance the life of their existing plants.
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  1. Spares for Steel plants – Blast Furnace, Arc Melting Furnace, Induction Furnace, Ferro alloy Units/Reduction Furnace, Rolling Mills and Forging Shops, Overhead Cranes and handling equipments. H.T/L.T substations.
  • Products made of high conductivity copper –forged, rolled, extruded drawn or cast.
  • Stainless steel –Heat resistant, Non magnetic Ni Cr products cast or fabricated.
  • Hydraulic and Pneumatic-Cylinders, Rubber seals, Repair Kits, Pressure Pipes& fittings, Hoses, valves pumps
  • Insulation Materials-Asbestos, Nuprene, Mica Hylam, Fibre Glass, Red fibre
  • Electricals- Furnace Duty Transformers, Thyristor Control Panels, Winch Motors and Drives, Vaccum  and Oil Circuit Breakers, Switch and switch gear, Relays ,Resistances, Rectifiers, Instrumentation specialized cables
  • Plant Consumables- Ramming Masses, Refractories and additives, C.I Ingot Moulds and Slag pots, Lancing and Seamless pipes
  1. Exchange/repair and RECASTING of high value items
  2. Also-buying and selling agents and representation work for clients in India and abroad.
  1. ELECTRODE HOLDERS- 8" to 30" with finished weight from 30 kg to 1.5 ton for use with 8" to 30" Electrodes in Arc Furnaces
  2. Forged Copper items for use in Arc Melting Fur'c and Fe Alloy Units weighing from 20 kg to 500 kg
  3. BUS TUBES-used for transfer of power from Furnace Transformer to the Furnace itself-used in Arc M.F , Fe Alloy units and Induction melting Fur'c .Ranging from 1" bore to 3" bore with skilled machining with wall thickness from ¼" to ¾"
  4. Inductor Coils as per specifications of customers
  • High conductivity cast or forged copper components like Holders, Jaws, Clamps, Inserts, Pads, etc

Electrode Holder

Forged Products

Centrifugally Cast Products

  • Copper Busbers,Water cooled cables,Bus tubes, connector plates, Lugs and End Terminals, Inductor coil, etc.

Bus Tubes

Inductor Coil

    Contact Clamps and pressure Rings- for Fe Units ranging from 120 kgs to 600 kgs in Cu and Brass-cast and forged.
    • Dry and Cooled Water Cooled Cables- for Arc M.F and Fe Alloy Units-with wire sizes from 0.01 mm to 1.11 mm for upto 10 mtrs length of finished cable.
Contact Clamp
Waret Cooled Cable
  1. Mudgun Nuts- as per specifications weighing upto 1 ton made of Al Brz.Used in Blast Furnaces-made for Bokaro Steels
  2. Copper tuyeres-produced for Durgapur Steel Plants and other private steel  plants weighing from 50 kg to 800 kgs.
  1. Stainless Steel cast ,fabricated and  machined components for composition of 8/18 Ni Cr to 80/20 Ni Cr
  2. Cross Head Rollers – made of steel as per drawings and customer specification
  3. Pneumatic Cylinders- used in Arc Melting Furnaces in various sizes for clamping and unclamping of SS Band Levers in the Electrode Assembly
  4. Hydraulic Cylinders – for movement of various cylinders-lifting, tilting of furnace roofs, doors and other parts.
  5. Slipper pads – as per customer specifications used in Blast Furnaces.

Ni-Cr Stainless Steel cast Electrode Clamp Assembly and Other cast and fabricated components.

Clamp Assembly

Cross Head Rollers

Hydraulic and Pneumatic cylinders, Repair Kits, Rubber Seal, High Pressure Hoses, Pipes and fittings valves, Pumps.

Pneumatic Cylinder

Hydraulic Cylinder


Rubber and Mica and Nuprene –Chevron Rings, Synthetic Rubber based materials like
Bushes, Tubes sheets or fabricated components

Mica Tubes

Chevron Rings

Furnace Duty Transformers, Thyristor Control Panels, Winch Motor and Drives, Vacuum and Oil Circuit Breakers, Switch and Switch Gear, Relays, Resistances, Rectifiers, Instrumentation, Capacitors, Diodes CTs, PTs.

Control Panel

H. T. Circuit Breaker Trolley

C.I. Ingot Moulds, Slag Pots, Lancing Pipes, Seamless pipes, Ramming Mass, Refractories and additives like Fe-Cr, Fe-Si, Fe-Mn, Fe-Ni etc.

  • Mill Duty Motors & Gear Boxes
  • Gears and Pinions
  • Sprockets and Chains
  • Couplings;Gear Couplings
  • Slipper Pads
  • Screw Down Nut
  • Bushes
  • Chill Cast and Forged Rolls
  • Electric Control Panel
  • Cable and Switch Gear



The following quality assurance measures are applied on a regular basis at our company.
  • Chemical analysis for materials
  • Composition test.
  • Conductivity test.
  • Mechanical material test for Physical properties.
  • Dimensions check.
  • Dye Penetration test.
  • Ultrasonic test.
  • Crack detection.
  • Pressure Drop test.
  • Flow measurements.
  • X - Ray test.

Conductivity Test

Flow and Pressure Test


Non-Ferrous Foundry having 3 ton melting capacity - single piece casting in sand upto 2 ton and in metal mould upto 1 ton.

Steel Foundry having capacity of up to 1 ton Heat resistant and non magnetic stainless steel casting.

Fabrication department - For specialised copper, stainless steel production with TIG welding facility for pipes and plates upto 30 mm thickness.

Forging - High conductivity copper forging up to 500kgs single piece.

Machine shop - Have a good machine shop with Shaper, Lathe, Drill, Milling, Planer, Grinding etc facilities for rough & finished machining
Laboratory Facilities- Physical as well as chemical testing is done with precision as the latest spectrometer technology is used.